Three Key Questions you need to ask when starting a new position


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Three Key Questions you need to ask when starting a new position
I often coach individuals who accepted a position only to find that their understanding of success versus the organisation was very different!

The following are questions I consider are key to setting you up for success.

What were my strengths that got me the position versus the other applicants?
Don’t be shocked if the answer has very little to do with your technical skills and a lot to do with ‘other’ skills. I was once awarded a facilitation contract because they liked that I adapted easily to the curveballs they threw at me in the interview. We head hunted our co-ordinator based on her ability to remain calm under pressure. We were a client of her previous employer and had watched her handle enormous pressure and difficult clients with ease. She knew nothing about the technical aspects of our business, but we knew we could train/coach her around those. She had the attitude we were looking for!

What were the concerns you had about me and why?
This is an important question as these concerns don’t magically disappear when you start in the position. By understanding these, you have the ability to step back and plan. Think of these examples: You have all the skills but you have never managed a remote team, which requires a very different management style to the one you have used in the past. You have skills in (insert a technology) but our concern is that they are not at the level we require. Only by understanding the concerns, can you plan to combat them, even before you start.

And the most important one  :  What does success look like in this position in the next 90 Days?

By understanding how success will be measured, you can build your plan to hit the ground running and WOW them!

A client of mine took a position with a salary that was slightly less than what she felt she was worth. By asking this question and ensuring that she ‘ticked’ the success boxes in 60days, she was able to prove her worth and negotiate a salary that was definitely worth the effort she put in!

I also want to add that an organisation that cannot articulate what success in any position looks like, should set off warning bells for you. How would they reward success if they are not able to articulate it?

And if you are moving into a more Senior Position, these questions are even more critical to help you build a plan for success for yourself and your team.

Are there any more you would add? Or any stories you would like to share about questions you wished you had asked before taking a position?

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