My Clients ROCK !

So wonderful to open my emails and to have a great message from a client !

I have been working with this same client for over 2 years and love the work I do for them in helping their lives run smoother. They are both very busy professionals and I assist them mostly in their home i.e. wood and gas deliveries, just had fibre installed, pool servicing and a cover made, ordering and collecting items they need, helping in their respective businesses to name but a few things.

In this case, they wanted to have Fibre installed at their home but we faced many, many hurdles as the Fibre installation in their area stopped just before their house and we had a continuous to and fro with regards to many other issues. We finally got it all resolved yesterday – on a Saturday, I managed to get them out to complete the order in its entirety.
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“Hi Wendy

I believe XXX let you know that our system now works – including the telephones. Thanks for all the effort you put in to get this working.


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